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We present you our name by adding brand new sense to the asphalt that we run. With a name, which reflects our soul stronger with a different atmosphere, with a different style; 
We are no different than each other, and not the same either. We connected with bonds and not with prohibitions.
We are against to routine; we are chasing the best for our soul and mind! We are together! We are, connected! Everyone will make difference with their own style; everyone will find something new with himself or herself, when we are together.
Come and join our MOVE! Come and bring us something from yourself! Every Tuesday at 20:00 we will be waiting for you at our Start point
We are a free group that cannot be dominated by others. We are anomalous runners. We are connected by the friendship bounds without any kind of discrimination. Our main mission is assisting new people to start run and providing regular runners to keep up their persistency by using our motivation and energy. Persistency of running with Runarchy can be divided in three topics:
  1. Technique;

Providing correct technical assistance for runners and helping them to fulfill their aims.

   2. Thrill;

Making pre/post run processes more enjoyable by joining national/international organisations together and assisting them with motivation and technical informations.


For Runarchy, no one would be left behind, while running and unity is an indestructible fact.

The best way to meet and understand others is the experience. Understand us by experiencing our style. We wait everyone, whom wants to be part of this team, to run with us along one of our 20 different route in Istanbul.

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